Caressed by glamorous Yorkville to its north, and the vibrant village to the east, 7 West Cafe has remained, after 24 years, one of Torontos most recognized names in comfort dining.



Whether looking for a romantic dinner for two, a hot cappuccino and a slice of cake, or a late night cocktail, our nocturnal staff pride themselves in their ability to satisfy the wide variety of guests that have chosen us over the years

7 West Cafe is one of the most recognized for late night dinning restaurants in Toronto and has received numerous awards over the last 20 years of service.

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7 West Menus


Soup of the Day 12.00  

Elena’s Spring Rolls 14.00
3 Home-made spring rolls filled with cabbage, celery,
carrot & bean sprout served with plum sauce.

7 West Fries 12.00
Thick cut fries sprinkled with sea salt.

7 West Poutine 17.00
Thick cut fries with gravy & cheese curds.
add chicken $4, add pulled pork or sloppy joe mix $6.

Garlic Bread 12.00
Italian bread toasted with fresh garlic spread.
add cheese $3, add chicken $4, add bacon $4.

Bruschetta 16.00
Diced tomatoes, garlic, basil & olive oil.
add cheese $3, add chicken $4.

Nachos 22.00
Nacho chips, diced tomatoes, red onions, peppers with
melted cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole & jalapenos.
add meat sauce, pulled pork or sloppy joe mix $6, add chicken $4.

Hummus 20.00
Homemade hummus served with grilled pita & kalamata olives.
add an assortment of vegetables or chicken $4.

Antipasto 25.00
Prosciutto, tomatoes, kalamata olives, bocconcini cheese,
garnished with chopped red onions, sun-dried tomatoes & basil,
served with Italian bread, add chicken $4.

Caprese Salad 22.00
Tomatoes, bocconcini cheese, red onions & basil,
served with Italian bread & balsamic drizzle, add chicken $4.

Chèvre 22.00
Roasted red pepper cooked in garlic tomato sauce & topped
with goat cheese served with grilled pita, add chicken $4.

7 West Sampler 26.00
Chèvre, hummus, bruschetta, sun-dried tomatoes,
kalamata olives & bocconcini cheese served with grilled pita.
add chicken $4.


Pasta Salad 22.00
Penne pasta, pepper, tomatoes, red onions, parsley, basil,
dried oregano, olive oil, feta cheese, olives.

House Salad 21.00
Spring mix, chickpeas, purple cabbage,
peppers, cucumbers, red onions & tomatoes.

Caesar Salad 21.00
Crisp romaine, croutons & homemade Caesar dressing.

Greek Salad 21.00
Spring mix, red onions, tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives & feta cheese.

Chef ’s Salad 22.00
Hard boiled egg, ham, tomato, cucumber, red onions
& Spring mix with blue cheese or house dressing.

Arugula Salad 21.00
Topped with goat cheese, walnuts, avocado
& dried cranberries with balsamic vinegar.


**Substitute a Caesar, Greek or Arugula Salad, Pasta Salad for $5
Lunch Dinner

Pasta What? 22.00 25.00
Penne in a Mediterranean tomato sauce with
diced vegetable, feta cheese & Kalamata olives.
add chicken $6, add sausage $4.

Penne Carbonara 23.00 26.00
Penne with ham, mushrooms, onions & pepper
in carbonara sauce with parmesan.

Penne Chicken 25.00 27.00
Penne with grilled chicken, mushrooms, red peppers,
onions, garlic & parmesan in a white cream sauce..

Primavera 22.00 25.00
Penne with a medley of vegetables in a rich cream sauce
with parmesan, add chicken $6, add sausage $4.

Rosie Ravioli 24.00 26.00
Ravioli filled with ricotta & asparagus
in a rosé sauce with parmesan.

Pesto Pollo 24.00 27.00
Penne with grilled chicken, onions, mushrooms &
sun-dried tomatoes in a pesto sauce with parmesan.

Spaghetti 20.00 24.00
Spaghetti with our homemade classic recipe tomato &
basil sauce with parmesan, add homemade meat sauce $6,
add chicken $6, add sausage $4.

Virgin Pasta 22.00 24.00
Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, medley of vegetables,
fresh basil & parmesan, add chicken $6, add sausage $4.

Mac n Cheese 22.00 24.00
Aged cheddar & parmesan with elbow noodles,
cream sauce & dijon mustard.
kick it up with jalapenos for $1,
add ham $4, add bacon $4.

Penne Arrabiata 27.00
Hot Italian sausage, peppers, onion & garlic
in a spicy tomato sauce with parmesan.

Lasagna 28.00
Layers of fresh pasta, meat sauce, mozzarella cheese with parmesan.

Smoked Salmon Alla Vodka 26.00
Penne with peppers, onions & smoked salmon in
rosé sauce with parmesan.


1/2 Rack BBQ Pork Ribs & Fries 28.00

8oz AAA Striploin Steak 34.00
Striploin steak, sautéed vegetables, mushroom gravy & fries.

Traditional Turkey Dinner 35.00
Mashed potatoes, steamed string beans, carrots,
stuffing, cranberry sauce & gravy.


All The Time Breakfast 23.00
Fried or scrambled eggs, fries, sausages & toast
with choice of bacon, ham or smoked turkey.
sub house salad $4.

Breakfast Sandwich 20.00
Fried eggs, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo, served with fries.

Morning Bagel 20.00
Ham & scrambled eggs with mozzarella,
served open faced with a side house salad.

7 West Omelette 22.00
Onion, green peppers & mushrooms, served with a side house salad.
add ham or smoked turkey $4

Steak & Eggs 30.00
8oz steak, eggs, fries, toast.

*add cheese $4, substitute egg white $2.50


Pesto 23.00
Pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, chicken & mozzarella cheese.

Sicilian 23.00
Tomato sauce, garlic, goat cheese, olives, fresh basil & mozzarella cheese.

The 7 West 25.00
Tomato sauce, basil, pepperoni, sausage, bacon & mozzarella cheese.

Smoked Salmon & Avocado 26.00
Tomato sauce, smoked salmon, avocado, arugula & mozzarella cheese.

Truffle Mushroom & Pepperoni 24.00
Tomato sauce, basil, truffle mushrooms, pepperoni & mozzarella cheese.

Vegetarian 24.00
Tomato sauce, basil, truffle mushrooms, caramelized onions,
peppers, red onions, black olives, herbed cherry tomatoes,
bocconcini & mozzarella cheese.

Margarita 22.00
Tomato sauce, basil, herbed cherry tomatoes & bocconcini cheese.

*Please advise your server of any allergies



**Substitute a Caesar, Greek or Arugula Salad, or Pasta Salad for $5, Poutine $7

Grilled Cheese 16.00
add ham or bacon $4.

Double Stacked Grilled Cheese 19.00
add ham or bacon $4.00

Pulled Pork 22.00
Tender slow roasted pork in homemade chipotle BBQ sauce.
add aged cheddar $4.

Classic Burger 22.00
Lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle & house sauce.
add aged cheddar $4, add bacon $4.

Bacon Mushroom Burger 23.00
Sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato with bacon & house sauce.
add aged cheddar $4.

Red Pepper & Chèvre Burger 25.00
Roasted red peppers & goat cheese.

Veggie Burger 20.00
Homemade black bean quinoa burger, onions,
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, house sauce & hummus.

Sloppy Joe 20.00
Slow cooked ground beef with chillies & peppers
on a soft kaiser bun, add aged cheddar $4.

Hot Prosciutto Panino 22.00
Prosciutto sautéed with onions & tomatoes.

Prosciutto Panino 22.00
Prosciutto with aged cheddar, lettuce
& tomatoes with an avocado spread.

7 West Montreal Meat 22.00
Montreal-style smoked beef sautéed with onions
& mustard on Italian panino, add aged cheddar $4.

Grilled Vegetable 22.00
Honey glazed grilled vegetables with
aged cheddar on Italian panino.

7 West Chicken Club 23.00
Classic triple decker with chicken breast,
bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo.

Chicken Sandwich 21.00
Herbed chicken breast with lettuce, tomato
& honey mustard on an Italian panino.

7 West BLT 20.00
Bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo on 7 grain bread.
add a fried egg $2.

Philly Steak Sandwich 24.00
Traditional sliced ribeye steak sautéed with chipotle BBQ sauce,
mushrooms, onions, peppers & melted aged cheddar on Italian panino.

Tuna Melt 23.00
House recipe tuna salad covered in melted aged cheddar
on an open face sesame seed bagel.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich 24.00
Cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onions
& arugula on 7 grain bread.


RED 5oz 7oz bottle
Earthwork Barossa Shiraz 2018 16.00 21.00 65.00

Frico Rosso 2020 16.00 21.00 65.00

Backhouse Pinot Noir 16.00 21.00 65.00

Chateau MEDOC 2012 18.00 23.00 70.00

WHITE 5oz 7oz bottle

Pewsey Vale Riesling 2015 16.00 21.00 65.00

Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc 2021 16.00 21.00 65.00

Camelot Chardonnay 16.00 21.00 65.00

Cantina Pinot Grigio 2020 16.00 21.00 65.00

Juliette Rose 16.00 21.00 65.00


Mimosa 14.00 75.00

Kir Royal 14.00 75.00

Hi Prosecco Italy 16.00 65.00

Flor Rose Brut 65.00

Piper Heidsieck Cuvee Brut 210.00

Moet Chandon Brut Imperial 210.00

Veuve Clicquot Brut 210.00

G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon Brut 210.00


Alexander Keiths  9.00

Peroni 9.00

Barking Squirrel Lager  9.00

Steamwhistle 9.00

Guiness 9.00

Muskoka Mad Tom IPA 9.00

Blanche de Chambly 9.00

Heineken 9.00

Corona  9.00

Stella Artois 9.00

Creemore 9.00

Modelo  9.00

Molson Canadian 9.00

Strongbow Cider 9.00

Smirnoff Ice 9.00

CHEERS 1.5 oz  

Domestic Bar Rail 10.50

Premium Bar Rail  12.50

Please ask your server for suggestions

COCKTAILS 1.5 – 2oz 

Manhattan – bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters & orange zest 14.00

Old Fashion – bourbon, sugars, bitters & orange zest 13.00

Whiskey Sour – whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup orange zest & egg white 13.00

Caesar – vodka, clamato, Tabasco & Worcestershire  12.00

French Martini – vodka, Chambord & pineapple juice  13.00

7 West Martini – vanilla vodka, kahlua, espresso & cream 13.00

Breakfast Martini – vodka, cassis & grapefruit juice  13.00

Vodka Martini 14.00

Gin Martini 14.00

Negroni – campari, gin, sweet vermouth & orange zest  14.00

Mojito – rum, mint leaves, fresh lime, soda, sugar cube 13.00

Cosmopolitan – vodka, lime, sugar cube, triple sec, cranberry juice 14.00

Margarita – tequila, triple sec, lime, simple syrup 13.00

Long Island Ice Tea – vodka, rum, tequila, gin, triple sec, 14.00
simple syrup, lemon, coke

glass 1L
Sangria – wine, cointreau, orange juice, simple syrup, berries, ginger ale, red or white wine 14.00/34.00

Premium upgrade add 5.00


Small sparkling/still water 4.50
Large sparkling/still water 8.00
Coke, 7Up, Ginger Ale, Diet Coke, Soda  4.50
Iced Tea  3.00
Aranciata/Limonata 3.00
Orange Juice 3.50 4.50
Pineapple Juice 3.50 4.50
Grapefruit Juice 3.50 4.50
Cranberry Juice 3.50 4.50
Iced Coffee  3.50
Hot water with lemon  3.00


 Coffee Latte
Irish Whiskey 12.00 13.00
Kahlua 12.00 13.00
Brandy  12.00 13.00
Amaretto  12.00 13.00
Crème de Cacao 12.00 13.00
Bailey’s 12.00 13.00
Grand Marnier 12.00 13.00
Monte Cristo (brandy, grand marnier 13.00 14.00
Kahlua Hot Chocolate 13.00
Bailey’s Hot Chocolate  13.00

Raspberry Amaretto   11.00
Apple Cinnamon Peach Schnapps 11.00
Blueberry Tea (amaretto, grand marnier 13.00


Coffee3.50 4.00
Tea  4.00 6.00
Latte   4.00 6.00
Soy Latte 4.00 6.00
Cappuccino   4.50
Espresso 3.00
Macchiato 5.00
Hot Chocolate  4.50 8.00
Mochaccino  4.50
Steamed Milk 4.00 6.00
Americano  4.00 6.00
Cider (seasonal) 5.00
Decaf add 0.50, Flavour shot add 1.00
*Skim milk available


Chocolate Banana Cake 10.50
Belgian Dark Chocolate Cake 10.50
Carrot Cake 10.50
Red Velvet Cake 10.50
Apple Crumble Pie 10.00
Dulce de Lèche Cheesecake 12.00
Pecan Pie 10.00
Double Chocolate Fudge 10.50

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